Turmeric Powder (Holud)

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Introducing Chingribari's exclusive Turmeric Powder, sourced from Dinajpur, the heritage of the best quality spices in Bangladesh. Experience the premium quality and concentrated potency in every sprinkle.

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Chingribari's premium quality Turmeric Powder, sourced from the esteemed spice heritage of Dinajpur district in Bangladesh. Crafted with precision, this Turmeric Powder ensures unmatched richness and authenticity in every sprinkle. Derived from the finest turmeric plants, it is renowned for its vibrant color and bold flavor. What makes it stand out is its concentrated potency - you'll find that you only need half the quantity compared to other local brands, making it the perfect choice for both your culinary and wellness needs. Embrace the true essence of spices with Chingribari's Turmeric Powder.

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