Horina Chingri (হরিণা চিংড়ি)

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Buy fresh Horina Chingri in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Welcome to Chingri Bari, we provide the highest quality, hygienic, and fresh Horina Chingri in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our Horina Chingri, known for its exceptional freshness and quality, promises a delightful culinary experience that captivates your taste buds

Horina Chingri plays an important role in your daily meal because this delicious fish supplies the highest level of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential nutrients. If you searching for fresh and premium Horina Chingri, Contact us now!

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Product highlights

Chingri Bari considers this a major factor for its valuable customers. We strictly maintain the following criteria for Horina Chingri:

  • Make sure premium quality
  • Ensured fresh and flavorful Chingri
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Versatile culinary delight
  • Easiest delivery process

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Product specification

We provide budget-friendly and best-quality Horina Chingri near your hand in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here is the key specification:

Name Horina Chingri
Size Medium
Price (kg) Tk 700.00
Estimate Shipping Time 1 day
Payment Methods Cash on Delivery
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